Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Ok..... This post is meant for those of you working on maintenance, not so much for the weight losers....


I have all these plans.... See>>>>> journaling, yes siree!! I do it

Even planning times to eat so I space my food >>>>>> yes I do this also

But that stupid snack mix gets me again!!! i had an executive in my store today, I was anxious all morning, anxiety to the max!!!! It went great, so when they leave, what do I do??? But eat of course!!! i didn't eat my chop suey because even now 5 hours After I feel gross gross gross

Am I full of crap? I know i am not because i lost the weight and i am maintaining, why why why do i go so overboard sometimes? AND I weigh tomorrow, sheesh what a dumb bunny!!!

Well see ya tomorrow.... More of me I am sure

Things are not good in Karla Land


  1. I have been experiencing some over eating and binging here and there now that I'm on maintenance... so I totally KNOW that feeling of huge disappointment and also fear of heading down the wrong path. BUT tomorrow is always a NEW DAY. We've got our weight off, we know what to do. One good choice at a time. You've still made WAY more good choices than bad ones just to get where you are... so keep moving forward. :)


  2. Pretty common situation, Karla!
    I am not quite to maintenence....
    but I feel the temptation to go back -
    to "regular" foods - even LoCarb style!
    I have to tell myself - there is no going back.
    Not just yet. Not for me.
    It's the Steel-Cut Truth of my "Food Recovery Program."
    Not even for a visit - not even for a planned cheat day!
    My fat cells have decades of learning to overcome -
    And they are still hungry! I never let down my hyper-guard.
    Every time I do, it's trouble!
    The bad kind of trouble.
    It's just not worth it!
    And you are never a Dumb Bunny!
    Just learning as we go!

  3. I left you an award over at my blog!! Be sure to stop by & check it out :-)


  4. I'm with Anne - you have to put it in your mind that there is no going back. Easier said then done, of course. But, I think it is a decision, a strong resolve, the same that got you losing weight in the first place. You look amazing!!!

  5. Karla, don't be so hard on yourself! It's an amazing thing you've accomplished! Amazing!!!! I don't know a single person who makes perfect choices every day (foodwise or other). The most important thing is what you do with it after the fact. Since you've been at this for OVER a year, over 365 seems to me you know exactly what to do. =) Start again, one day at a time. Old habits can take a long time to break, but you're proving that it's not impossible! You go girl!!


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