Thursday, June 30, 2011

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Breakfast was oatmeal and 4 egg whites

I got my hair done, no more grey :) sandwich and a cucumber

I went to TJ's and stocked up, gotta work 6 days straight ...... Ugh
Egg white salad sandwich

Frozen yogurt

remember that Seinfeld episode.....I just want a BIG salad!!!!


I thought about my iced coffee.... Instead of giving them up, I will add half a protein shake to them and count it as a point.... I do love my Starbucks
I also bought fresh veggies, I just can't bring myself to eat those oil soaked vegetables. Kinda grosses me out now to think I was eating so much oil. This next week I am going to be very careful what I put on my food....
See ya tomorrow

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Week in review

cottage cheese and an Oroweat thin

work food: melon, salad, tofu bowl and berries with yogurt

I mix half Newman's Own with balsamic vinegar for the salad dressing

I made the uber pepper egg white sandwich

so I used 35+ points of my weekly points, there is really no way I could have lost weight this week

so what did we learn this week kiddies??? Olive oil is to be consumed on your food most sparingly!!! The Mister I have is kind of becoming a chore to use, I have used it for almost a year now it is probably just clogged, a new one will be what $5.... maybe I will Google oil misters tonight

See ya tomorrow

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Better day 100%

half the normal amount of cottage cheese, and it was fine

I baked the vegetables so I had some in the morning with egg whites

some melon


berries and yogurt

one processed food

and the remaining vegetables for dinner

Notice I counted my creamer as 4 points and the vegetables for 7... I also upped my weekly points by 10 (creamer...) hummm ....I baked the vegetables so I am going to eat them

Lesson learned, olive oil is good... by the teaspoon, not the cup... come to think of it I used tons of olive oil in the Asian slaw I was eating by the plate full last week

I want to drop back down to 136-137 by August 16 (the company picnic) I will totally do it now that I am more aware

see ya tomorrow

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Herpa derp

Herpa derp is what my son says to me when I do something stupid

this post brought to you by Herpa derp

I just put in my oven vegetables, remember in my Vlog post I said I had added a scan quarter cup of olive oil? I usually add one maybe two points for the olive oil

so I did the math

Quarter cup = 4 TBSP

olive oil = 120 calories per TBSP

doing the WW math (old program)
120 X 4 = 480 calories
14g fat X 4 = 56 g of fat OMG!!!!!

put all this in my handy dandy WW calculator the baked vegetables I have been counting a 1 point are actually 7 points (I eat half a bag of them at a time)

Herpa derp

too late for this batch, they are all oiled up and in the oven.... hummm I need to hit Google and see if you can bake vegetables oil free???

Herpa derp

This is BULL!!!

I got on the scale this morning for a pre weigh

I have been good ALL week
I have journaled ALL week
I have drank my water EVERY day
Taken my vitamins every day
Walked on my treadmill

Even when I did not take a picture of something, I wrote it down

I have used 22 of my weekly 35

How in the world have I gained??????

I know my official Weigh in isn't until Thursday BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT

whats wrong?

too much tofu?
I heard it makes you retain water (retain water, oh have I heard THAT excuse from every freaking person that diets usually a load of crappola!!!)

too much creamer in my coffee? I count it as 2 points every day, but I have gone from Fat free half and half to a blend of half a bottle of the SF Vanilla coffee mate and half a bottle of the NF half and half and I mix the two bottle together so it has SOME fat in it but not so plain tasting

AND I have a Starbucks coffee sometimes at work .... an iced coffee... and I add some SF vanilla coffee mate .... BUT I haven't been counting the iced coffee at work in my creamer points

crap, piss!!!!

I don't care this second.... no I am lying... I care... I am whining and asking for encouragement.... I don't want to walk on my treadmill.... I am off today... I wanted to drink yummo cinnamon coffee, sit out on the patio and finish my book (The Lunatic Cafe by Laurell K Haamilton... her early books were good, not to .... much) watch the birds and the squirrels ... bliss

now my calm is all screwed up... what do I do? I can't go mega diet crazy today; I am spending my day with my DD and she is the uber health fitness freak

dieting sucks
maintenance sucks more
tofu sucks

what am I going to do???................ ahhhhhhh..............


I am going to keep doing what I have been doing and count my creamer as 4 points now (crap, piss.... insert other 4 letter words I don't use here......)

maybe lay off the tofu.... after I just made freakin 6 tofu bowls.... crap... piss...

ok, ok, ok

tantrum over

I am going to go sit in my lovely backyard drink cinnamon coffee with 4 point creamer.... ok ok getting calm here... chill out Karla... calm, calm, calm

and finish my book.... THEN do my treadmill and have a nice day with DD

catch up with yall tonight

Monday, June 27, 2011

Post #671

treadmill this morning, drank all my water, took my vitamins, logged my food, 3 points over for the day which makes it a total of 19 weeklies used

Good week so far :)

See ya tomorrow

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Post #665

egg white omelet, I actually sent this one back... Tasted weird. i got the same thing minus the spicy (funky tasting) turkey sausage... And oatmeal

a muffin


a repeat of last night, tofu bowl and baked vegetables

WW fudge bar..... relaxing and reading :)

Greek yogurt with berries

Dinner was a salad

i may have a popcorn later

See ya tomorrow.....

Friday, June 24, 2011

Post #664

The Fiber one brownie is from last night, breakfast was my new usual. The oven veggies were so purty I took a picture by themselves, added some cottage cheese for a ....kinda salad.... Turkey sandwich with cucumber, Muffin and a frozen yogurt. Dinner was a tofu bowl with some more oven vegetables. Now in the big square container is the beginnings of a staple around here, salad toppings!!! cucumber, red bell pepper, carrots, jicama, fresh peas, red onions, tomatoes and garbanzo beans. We keep cleaned romaine lettuce in the refrigerator wrapping in paper towels and ready to chop so salad is always ready!!!
I went to the doctors, I was NOT happy with my weight, but I had on Levis and it was 3 in the afternoon and I had just drank a liter of water. I will weigh myself tomorrow morning just to be safe.... paranoid much Karla??? Or should I say obsess much???

Oh well
See ya tomorrow

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Post #663

egg whites and oatmeal

+baked oven vegetables with cottage cheese

+Greek yogurt and berries

home made tofu bowl: brown rice, baked tofu and broccoli with Sriacha sauce

carrots, cucumbers and jicama


I also had a frozen yogurt (not pictured)

I drank 3 liters of water and did my 20 minutes on the treadmill = good day :)

see ya tomorrow

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No change

No shock
i Will will will will will will lose this week!!!!!!!!

What is wrong? Why am I struggling? Too comfortable? i have lost a lot and I am at the top of my 5 pound grace weight, now it is time to lse those 5 pounds....

Ok Karla do battle, you know what needs to be done.....

i tracked 100% last week so this was no shock,

back to the old philosophy, just get through today! Just today, not the week, not those pesky 5 pounds, just make it through today. i can surely do that huh??? We will find out tonight

Just today, just today, just today,
Just today, just today, just today

Live it girl!!!!!! JUST TODAY!!!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Post #661

5 or 6 egg whites (I don't remember) and oatmeal

salad (I used leftover cooked green beans instead of lettuce) Asian slaw, and a tofu bowl

a muffin

I had some peas and carrots tonight

life is less stressful, lots of challenges: some new, some old, others go and are instantly replaced with new.... ah I think that's called life!!!??? Isn't there a song (or 50!!!) about this very thing?

I gotta date with the scale tomorrow morning

see ya tomorrow

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