Saturday, June 4, 2011

1544 calories

I guessed on the high side on a few things so this is pretty close. I had a busy day. Food prep. Berries, baked tofu, carrot chips (I didn't bake them long enough) salad, veggies chopped and ready for baking, cut up watermelon, hard boiled eggs.... Now you have know there was a taste here and there. All that and then I made diner.... Fooey!!! I am pooped! Its me and my Nook tonight :)
I didn't eat the oatmeal... It was watery. I am turning into an oatmeal snob.... Lol

Later taters
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  1. The carrot chips really are good when they're crispy :) You are a busy lady!!

  2. Your food always looks yummy and interesting. You love those fiber one brownies, don't you. LOL

  3. I like the PointsPlus program especially since on the old one I only got 18 points a day. It was almost impossible for me to stay at 18 points. Right now I'm mad about the calculator. I bought mine the day they came out with the program and it is only six months old. Two days ago it started "acting up" and is only showing parts of numbers and words. I wrote to WW and they wrote back that I should call and talk to them. I paid $10 for the stupid thing and now they are $16.00. Grrrrrrr.


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