Saturday, June 11, 2011


Soy chorizo, onions, tomatoes and jalapeno egg white omelet with oatmeal

fiber one brownie

Frozen yogurt

Blueberries with Greek yogurt

oven veggies

I had a few pita chips with artichoke dip/sun dried tomatoes and cheese dip for dinner

The pita chips were too good after about 6-8 chips and dip they ended up in the trash!!! Too good to have in the house!!!

Why do you blog? I read another blogger talking about this, why do I blog???
It keeps me accountable, I ate the pita chips and if I didn't have this blog, I would have kept eating and eating and eating...... No accountability! Maybe that's why Weight Watcher meetings never worked for me, I sat in the back and never talked, I felt awkward and silly. I could eat .... Say pita chips by the bagful and no one would know for a week (at the WW meeting) and ONLY if I chose to fess up, if I stayed quiet.... No one knew

But now with this blog, I tell on myself immediately, before there is major damage done! Its now controllable

I look at my followers, I look at how many hits I get, but truthfully that's not the driving force. ACCOUNTABILITY that's what I need

Works for me..... Why do you blog?

See ya tomorrow


  1. After seeing the Fiber One brownies on your blog, I had to find them for myself! Finally located some today - got the chocolate peanut butter ones. A. Mazing. Popped half the box in the freezer, I bet they'll be great frozen!!!

  2. I go to Weight Watchers meetings every week. I haven't missed one week since I've started more than one year ago. I finally started sitting up in the front row two weeks ago and now I share more. It's weird how that works. lol...

    You are right about the accountability. But even on the blogs, you can chose to tell or not to tell.

    You are doing a GREAT job! Keep it up! Your food looks good and I still haven't tried those brownies yet but need to soon. :) Thanks for sharing.

  3. I blog for a lot of reasons....
    I work in solitude - and need to meet "real" people
    even if they are virtual - and for the accountability ...
    And making myself get out there and get over a little of my shyness!
    I really am very shy!

  4. I blog these days to log my food and exercise mostly.
    Same thing as others have said ... accountability.
    Plus, I love looking back to see what worked - or didn't.
    Just tonight I've been looking back over my old Fitcetera blog to see what I was eating in late 2009 when I got down to my lowest weight in 15 years.
    It's gold knowing what I did back then.
    I keep things on the down-low these days. Blogging really stressed me out there for awhile.
    Now I only visit a few blogs here and there and mostly don't comment.

  5. I started reading weight loss blogs after I read about Sean Anderson's weight loss in an article on AOL. I thought it was fabulous that so many people were writing about losing weight and the daily struggles but I didn't see much on maintaining that weight loss. My husband said I could do a blog if I wanted and I decided to give it a try. So far I'm enjoying it. :)

  6. Me again. I found a coupon for the brownies and also a new cereal put out by Fiber One. The cereal is here at Walmart but not the brownies.


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