Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Better day 100%

half the normal amount of cottage cheese, and it was fine

I baked the vegetables so I had some in the morning with egg whites

some melon


berries and yogurt

one processed food

and the remaining vegetables for dinner

Notice I counted my creamer as 4 points and the vegetables for 7... I also upped my weekly points by 10 (creamer...) hummm ....I baked the vegetables so I am going to eat them

Lesson learned, olive oil is good... by the teaspoon, not the cup... come to think of it I used tons of olive oil in the Asian slaw I was eating by the plate full last week

I want to drop back down to 136-137 by August 16 (the company picnic) I will totally do it now that I am more aware

see ya tomorrow

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  1. I have to measure the fats too. It's too easy for me to go overboard on them.
    Good job reigning it in, Karla!
    That big bowl of berries and yogurt ... yum!

  2. Looking good .... and a cool new "goal"!

  3. the strawberries and blueberries look yumming.
    I am heading to my fridge to get out my fruit now.


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