Thursday, June 9, 2011

Better day

ok, ok. I was a little to hard on myself yesterday. I love bloggers! you all are the best support a gal can ask for!!!

breakfast was oatmeal (in the bowl under the plate) and egg whites

I had a meeting in Hollywood (sounds so glamorous huh!!! tee hee) salad, turkey roll up and an egg white "sandwich" the Grey Poupon mustard was soo strong man oh man did it clean out my sinuses!

when we have meetings we can dress down :)

unplanned: grapes

unplanned: 4 points worth of Nature Valley Oat bar (weeklies started)

Frozen yogurt, I picked up the smaller bowl, I can control the portion size better. Well I weighed the same today 141.4!! I really really really ate bad yesterday and this morning when I woke up I felt it, like a food hang over, yucko! but after just one day ...24 hours... I feel so much better, is it physical? or emotional? or maybe a bit of both!

See ya tomorrow

(Hi Sis, hope you are having a blast in Sweden!!!)

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  1. Did you see any movie stars in Hollywood? :) I have to say again that you look FABULOUS!!

  2. That Nature Valley granola bar you have picture... has been my weakness lately. I have a costco size box "for the kids" but I had one pack - 29 carbs and 190 calories... my body started craving them! I can obsess over certain food until I eat way too many of them. Can't wait to have them gone and the temptation to eat them all gone... there's 3 left right now.

    At least they don't have high fructose corn syrup!!!

    Have a super day girl!!!


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