Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Herpa derp

Herpa derp is what my son says to me when I do something stupid

this post brought to you by Herpa derp

I just put in my oven vegetables, remember in my Vlog post I said I had added a scan quarter cup of olive oil? I usually add one maybe two points for the olive oil

so I did the math

Quarter cup = 4 TBSP

olive oil = 120 calories per TBSP

doing the WW math (old program)
120 X 4 = 480 calories
14g fat X 4 = 56 g of fat OMG!!!!!

put all this in my handy dandy WW calculator the baked vegetables I have been counting a 1 point are actually 7 points (I eat half a bag of them at a time)

Herpa derp

too late for this batch, they are all oiled up and in the oven.... hummm I need to hit Google and see if you can bake vegetables oil free???

Herpa derp


  1. I did a program through Whole Foods to learn about oil-free cooking, it's amazing how many empty calories it adds! I did a post on how to cook without oil: http://www.asmallloss.com/2011/05/oil-free-cooking.html

    For baked veggie fries, maybe if you lightly sprayed the veggies with oil using an oil mister, you would get similar results with less oil?

  2. WW encourages us to have two teaspoons of "good" oil each day so you could still add four teaspoons and stay on track if you are having half of the veggies one day and half another. Just an idea. I use our oil mainly for stir fries. In this hot weather, I hate to heat up the oven although I still do for kale chips. :)

  3. I throw my cut veggies in a bag throw in the seasoning and measure the amount of oil I want. Usually 1-2 tsp per serving :) Shake it all up and throw on the pan!


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