Thursday, June 2, 2011

Narcissistic post

3 points for breakfast.... ohh!!

coffee creamer, gotta count that also

smile for the camera :D

a point for watermelon

YIKES!! still counting!!

Greek yogurt and berries add another 3!!

grrrr another 4!!! oh ok!

Frittatta so yummo!

why am I making this face? salad is sooo good! add another 4!

ahhh frozen yogurt done???

almost ......

and this is why I struggle... can't keep my fingers to myself!!! munched this just now :(
almost made it the entire day, oh well pretty good over all

See ya tomorrow guys :)


  1. The many faces of Karla! :) :/ :P it. ;)

  2. If you did not find the Fiber One brownies, they have them on Amazon. I haven't decided if I want that many. :)


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