Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Planning = success

Egg white sandwich for breakfast

Work food

I totally stayed the course today, I did grab a handful of trail mix... And spat it out, nope!!!!

Frozen yogurt for dinner
On another note....

sometimes I think my body has a mind of it's own.... This would be snippets of it's inner dialog

"yeah, right she thinks she can do a little cardio and then eat all that chocolate..... Ah I don't think so!!!".
"ha ha ha and she thought she could suck up all that sodium laced food and lose this week... Errr..NOT!!!"
"no way sistar.... A few days of being good ain't gonna reverse all those extra bites"
"wow, she is drinking water now, wow do I feel better!!!!!!"
"aaahhhhhh food hangover aaaaahhhh"
"woooohh..... What's with the never hungry thingy... And she freaking eats ALL THE TIME!!!!!"
"ahhhh sighhhhhh..... No pinching, binding, uncomfortable clothes anymore, what is this? Heaven?"
"huh?, what?...ahhhh..... Yes I was sleeping, she does that on the regular 7-8 hours every night now!"
"hummm, pencil arms......hahahahahahaha ..... Better than the old days!!!"
"hummm.... I think I will have a chat with ole Ms. Confidence and give her a boost"
"yessire eee Bob... Work it baby!!!"

Those are some of the conversations my body has with itself .... Yeah I know I am a coo coo bear sometimes but works for me :)

See ya later folks

3 liters a day Anne..... How much water I drink every day that is :p


  1. Awesome - the water and the plan!
    I have to talk to myself all.the.time.
    Seems I just don't want to listen!
    An intoxicating internal dialoge -
    Eye -opening to reveal it!

  2. I have some of the same inner dialogues! :)


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