Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Post # 633

No coffee or breakfast today, I had to "fast" for blood tests

after the blood was drawn I had a coffee from Kaiser, let me say.... they are NOT know for their gourmet coffee, but hey it was caffeine and it was just what I needed!!! I also had a sandwich. Oroweat bagel thin, mustard and 2 ounces of turkey for the drive to work

work food! The baked vegetables were so colorful I took an extra picture

I didn't do my treadmill this morning.... bad dieter!!! but I drank my 3 liters of water.... good dieter
progress not perfection :P
tomorrow it's me and the scale
no matter the number, never quit!!!
see ya tomorrow


  1. You always have a great combination of foods. Thanks for sharing.


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