Tuesday, June 21, 2011

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Hard to not over eat when your schedule is all kablooey
No sleep, cooked instead of sleeping (not the best choice, I am sure)...... Then worked midnight to 8ish, came home slept a few hours, got up spent time with the family, everyone came by at lunch time :)
Slept, got up made dinner

Now I want to go sleep again

I took baked vegetables with cottage cheese and frozen berries to mix with Greek yogurt (in the containers)
Asian slaw
fiber One brownie
Big salad

Sometimes I feel so so huge!! Other times I feel so so thin....

Weird huh?

See ya tomorrow


  1. I love how you have your blog. I like how you post everything you eat in pictures. I always forget to take a pic until after I've ate most of it. We are very close in weight. What is your personal goal?

  2. I feel huge - like I've never lost a pound.
    Then someone comments on my weightloss...
    Other times I feel like I really look the part...
    Very strange - the tricks our minds play on us!


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