Friday, June 24, 2011

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The Fiber one brownie is from last night, breakfast was my new usual. The oven veggies were so purty I took a picture by themselves, added some cottage cheese for a ....kinda salad.... Turkey sandwich with cucumber, Muffin and a frozen yogurt. Dinner was a tofu bowl with some more oven vegetables. Now in the big square container is the beginnings of a staple around here, salad toppings!!! cucumber, red bell pepper, carrots, jicama, fresh peas, red onions, tomatoes and garbanzo beans. We keep cleaned romaine lettuce in the refrigerator wrapping in paper towels and ready to chop so salad is always ready!!!
I went to the doctors, I was NOT happy with my weight, but I had on Levis and it was 3 in the afternoon and I had just drank a liter of water. I will weigh myself tomorrow morning just to be safe.... paranoid much Karla??? Or should I say obsess much???

Oh well
See ya tomorrow

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  1. Doctor's scales are notorious for being WRONG. Sometimes they even have them on carpet. I know I can weight as much as three to seven pounds more in the afternoon then I did early in the morning and a pair of jeans can weight two pounds. I trust my WW scale and the scales at meetings more than the doctor scale.


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