Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This is BULL!!!

I got on the scale this morning for a pre weigh

I have been good ALL week
I have journaled ALL week
I have drank my water EVERY day
Taken my vitamins every day
Walked on my treadmill

Even when I did not take a picture of something, I wrote it down

I have used 22 of my weekly 35

How in the world have I gained??????

I know my official Weigh in isn't until Thursday BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT

whats wrong?

too much tofu?
I heard it makes you retain water (retain water, oh have I heard THAT excuse from every freaking person that diets usually a load of crappola!!!)

too much creamer in my coffee? I count it as 2 points every day, but I have gone from Fat free half and half to a blend of half a bottle of the SF Vanilla coffee mate and half a bottle of the NF half and half and I mix the two bottle together so it has SOME fat in it but not so plain tasting

AND I have a Starbucks coffee sometimes at work .... an iced coffee... and I add some SF vanilla coffee mate .... BUT I haven't been counting the iced coffee at work in my creamer points

crap, piss!!!!

I don't care this second.... no I am lying... I care... I am whining and asking for encouragement.... I don't want to walk on my treadmill.... I am off today... I wanted to drink yummo cinnamon coffee, sit out on the patio and finish my book (The Lunatic Cafe by Laurell K Haamilton... her early books were good, not to .... much) watch the birds and the squirrels ... bliss

now my calm is all screwed up... what do I do? I can't go mega diet crazy today; I am spending my day with my DD and she is the uber health fitness freak

dieting sucks
maintenance sucks more
tofu sucks

what am I going to do???................ ahhhhhhh..............


I am going to keep doing what I have been doing and count my creamer as 4 points now (crap, piss.... insert other 4 letter words I don't use here......)

maybe lay off the tofu.... after I just made freakin 6 tofu bowls.... crap... piss...

ok, ok, ok

tantrum over

I am going to go sit in my lovely backyard drink cinnamon coffee with 4 point creamer.... ok ok getting calm here... chill out Karla... calm, calm, calm

and finish my book.... THEN do my treadmill and have a nice day with DD

catch up with yall tonight


  1. TOFU does suck....
    om om om
    Being calm is good!
    Easy, girl!
    Maybe all those processed foods are acting like a trigger or a stop.
    No offense - Just thinking out loud.
    I'm just visualizing your driveway filled with burning Vitatops last year!

  2. Well I just read your other post about the oil you had been mistakenly putting down as less points. That's probably what did it. Don't worry kiddo you still rock


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