Friday, June 17, 2011

Plan for the day is as follows:

hey this is a weight loss/maintenance blog... how did that Jessica Simpson bag get there???

so this is the days plan ..I bought some stickers and when I do my treadmill I get a small sticker, if I am 100% on plan and do not go over a big sticker.... stupid but I love stickers.... the only 51 year old that needs sticker reinforcement....

there's that beautiful bag again.... what the heck?

Jessica Simpson bag..... love it!!! My present to myself yesterday!!! I will check in tonight and tell ya how I did

I Love this bag!!! OMG!!

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  1. Are you sure you really need that bag?? Because if not I'd gladly take it off your hands :)
    Love it!

  2. You are not alone in loving stickers. My WW leader in Reno gave stickers for things like exercising during the week, bringing your water bottle and of course losing weight. I would watch newcomers kind of look down their nose at the stickers their first meeting. Later, they would ask "Where's my sticker?" I had them all over my WW bookmark and my Weight Record. Whee!

  3. I love stickers, too! In fact, I put them on my college students' exams when they get a B or better - and they called me out once when I didn't put them on there! I had run out, but that seemingly silly little thing was something they took notice of and cared about!

  4. I love stickers too. They are great. I have a whole file full at work. That Asian Slaw looks awesome. I want some.


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