Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Yet another post :)

perfect day off breakfast, coffee, oatmeal, egg whites and a good book

watermelon and a TJ muffin

Fiber One

Greek yogurt and berries

fro yo

dinner! I ate half this cold with the dressing, then added a bit more, microwaved it, added some Parmesan!!! Yummo.... oh and a couple bites of the hubbys dinner, not too much damage there though

Doc said I was Vitamin D deficient!!! and I live in sunny California, go figure??!!

see ya tomorrow

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  1. Fiber 1 makes brownies? oh im so gonna find those lol Love the pics you take I cant read at breakfast I get so into books I loose track of time id be late all day lol

  2. Most people I've seen in SoCal spend hours
    avoiding the sun - covered up from head to toe!
    They run from it like it's the plague.
    Of course, the golden-brown smog might be good to avoid, as well.

  3. Love your photos Karla. Wish we could get those Fibre one brownies up here in Canada! Have a great day.


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