Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sundays Thoughts


Eats today: egg white omelet with jalapenos, onions, tomatoes and half a portion of soy chorizo I only ate half the bowl of oatmeal 

2011-07-30 06.07.242011-07-30 08.33.46

salad with tuna mixed in, I ate it dry; no dressing. I will grocery shop when I get home 2011-07-30 10.55.532011-07-30 12.52.182011-07-30 14.42.302011-07-30 15.42.52Fage yogurt with cinnamon 2011-07-30 17.45.35a SF lime jello made with half a cup of crushed pineapple, some shredded apple and 122g of cottage cheese

24 WW points and 130-140 proteins

I went to boot camp this morning with my DD, it was so fun! as I sit here 8 hours later, I am sore sore sore, I wonder what tomorrow will bring! Traction??!! LOL Smile with tongue out 

We are leaving in the morning for San Diego so I will be off line for a few days. I am bringing some protein powder, vitamins, some measured out beef jerky, a few protein bars. This will be a bit of a challenge for me but we are going to have so much fun!!

see ya in a few days blogger buddies Smile

Friday, July 29, 2011

Vacation starts


2011-07-29 05.11.002011-07-29 05.27.532011-07-29 15.12.52

so I have a super duper boss, my vacation started at about 1:30 this afternoon Smile 

We are going to San Diego for a few days, nothing big and extravagant, but it will be fun! We love San Diego! Sea World, La Jolla, Old Town just fun in the sun

I am thinking I will measure out some protein powder for shakes, take a few protein bars, some beef jerky and every restaurant on the planet has egg whites and oatmeal. Maybe some halibut for dinner, steamed vegetables as long as I just maintain it’s all good

So my dilemma about phone blogging is my picasa web album is full… hummm if I delete pictures will they disappear from my blog? … can I delete pictures? I am going to mess around with it tonight. I don’t want to go through blog withdrawal

see ya tomorrow blogger buddies

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Problem solved


2011-07-28 04.23.342011-07-28 05.07.542011-07-28 05.19.232011-07-28 05.32.312011-07-28 05.43.402011-07-28 07.34.46

do you see that number??? huh? huh? huh? that is a 3 baby!!! so this several small meals seems to be working for me!!

my 6 egg white omelet was crazy big this morning. I ate the other half tonight when I got home from work so that takes the protein to just under 140 and the WWer points to 23 for the day

I was talking about Greek yogurt yesterday. Look at the difference in labels! I buy Fage 0% and it has zero saturated fats (good I so did not want to give up my yogurt!!) and look at the other label!! OMG!! I don’t remember the brand but I don’t know about you but I see Greek yogurt, plain… ohhh healthy! well apparently not!!!  I can’t remember why saturated fats are unhealthy but I know they are…. ohh fun another thing for me to Google

I am so easily entertained Smile with tongue out 

see ya tomorrow blogger buddies Smile

Post 708

So I figured out why I can't post from my phone any more
My picasa web drop box album is full

So my question is this.....

If I clean it out will my pictures disappear from my blog????
Can I even clean it out?

So I will post my picture blog entry tomorrow morning. Technical difficulties tonight

See ya in the morning blogger buddies :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

measure and weigh


I am a little obsessive, I realize

I weigh my coffee creamer 30G

I weigh my cottage cheese 122 G

I weigh my salad dressing 30 G

I weigh my tuna 4 ounces

When I have tofu, yep you guessed it! I weigh it … 3 ounces

I measure my oatmeal half a cup 2011-07-27 05.18.45

I weigh the pineapple in my jello salad’s and of course the cottage cheese!

I weigh my yogurt, measure the fruit

it has become normal for me now. I don’t even make coffee at work any more because I don’t weigh my creamer at work (ok ok they would FOR SURE make fun of me!!!) so I just have iced tea

I read labels like a fiend, yeppers that’s me when I check out your groceries reading the food labels on your food….

I look at the fat grams, the fiber grams and the calories and new to my journey… what has protein and how much

I didn’t know Greek yogurt was so high in saturated fats… hummm may have to rethink that choice!! drats Sad smile 

I jump on the scale maybe twice a week, once for sure on Thursday mornings… I haven’t been keeping up on the side bar thing-a-ma-jig… blogger doesn’t like me…. bah humbug!

new discoveries in my food world… tuna does … no wait… you may just need to sit down for this announcement… let me say… this one shocked the crap outta me… you ready? ok here goes

Tuna does not need mayonnaise to be yummy !!!! I know, I know sounds like an Elvis spotting story BUT BUT BUT it is freaking true, only took my dumb arse 50 years to figure that out!!! oh well … see ya can teach an old dog new tricks

arf arf

oatmeal has protein?!!! huh …who da thunk it!!

amazing what you can learn when you flip a bottle, can or box around and read the labels

but on that note, today I read a tostada chip package “NO SALT” … hum???… that doesn’t sound right … me thinks… flip the package around and every serving has 9% of your daily sodium allowed…. so goes to show ya, read the fine print (how is that even legal?? who polices food labels?)

chatty Cathy I am tonight Smile 

see ya tomorrow blogger buddies

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

3 days until vacation!!




so todays grub:

4 egg whites, half a cup of oatmeal, a shake, Trader Joe’s egg white salad, 4 ounces of tuna mixed with some salad and light balsamic dressing, a turkey roll up with Laughing Cow on a La Tortilla whole wheat low carb (8 grams of protein and 80 calorie) tortilla, salad with cold green beans instead of lettuce and cottage cheese and balsamic light dressing. 120ish grams of protein and 21 WW points

I am tired, tired, tired tonight busy day at work.

3 more work days until vacation!!! WOOT WOOT

late blogger buddies Smile

Monday, July 25, 2011

Mondays eats



2011-07-25 05.13.342011-07-25 05.30.292011-07-25 05.38.122011-07-25 05.39.332011-07-25 10.04.33

so here’s the deal, I had to play with the menu until I got it right, so I didn’t eat the tortilla or the bagel thin (notice all the white out on my journal) and tomorrow I will only have half the amount of oatmeal. I taped something on my computer at work so I would know when to eat (erpa derp..)

I counted WWer points AND protein. I think I can do this!! I also discovered tuna doesn’t have to be in mayonnaise to be good! I made a big bowl of tuna (for the week) with green olive tapenade and onions, added it to the small bowl of salad and it was soo good! I must admit I was surprised! I threw out the Skinny Cow ice creams and took a bunch of treats into work.

Good day, more to come!

See ya tomorrow blogger buddies Smile

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Not a good day




you may look at the pictures and think, hummm not too bad??!! I ate the entire bag of Skinny fries = 330 calories and 2 Skinny Cow’s 300 calories


so calorie wise it wasn’t a gawd awful day, but I have been playing with the gym idea and I was talking to my DD and her BF, both are 100% certifiable gym rats, bodybuilding fanatic's!! … Question: Is it even possible to have a flat stomach and be in your 50’s? they both assure me it is. I have to clean up my diet, more protein less fruit, and get into the gym and do some lifting… humm??? so I bought some protein powder today, the REAL stuff not the sissy lady protein kind from TJ’s

I am going to throw away the rest of my Skinny Cow’s… sobbbb

and the other bag of the Skinny fries… gasp!!

I am noticing here that both have the word “Skinny” in them, huh…. errr NOT!!

I want to have a flat stomach, I know this may sound silly but I am going to try!!

6 small meals. 120-140 grams of protein, fruit limited to 1 cup a day (that was my good bye huge bowl of cantaloupe this evening)

eating cleaner, less processed foods, more protein, and add the gym and we will see. I have been on this journey for 19 months now. I have changed my body from the obese woman I was to a healthy weight but I feel skinny fat…. does that sound crazy?

I think I am afraid of not tracking Weight Watcher points, calories are too freakin hard to do. I do them from time to time to keep Weight Watchers REAL, because let’s face it any weight management program you are on you can tweek and convince yourself that you are eating correctly when in fact you are cheating and you know it and the scale knows it and your clothes know it!!

Is 51 too old?? ahh screw it… I am going to go for it! I will change my diet tomorrow. I am on vacation next week, we are going out of town for a few days but when I get back I am going to re join the gym, and who knows???

a new goal… flat stomach in my 50’s

will she succeed???? dang tootin!!!!

see ya tomorrow blogger buddies

Saturday, July 23, 2011

“Women should wear lipstick”



fso I haven’t quite figured out how to blog my pictures in order, unless I go one by one…. I had fro yo… not planned so I have to add 4 points


breakfast, oatmeal is under the plate in the bowl bsalad toppings. I just added some Newman's light balsamic and added it on top of the turkey roll up cturkey roll up


my days food all packed up

so today an older male customer leans over the check stand as I am ringing his order up, “you forgot your lipstick”

I was startled, …”excuse me?”

he says “women should wear lipstick”


“ah, ok??”

he goes on to tell me “you would look better with lipstick”

gees pees…

people can say and do the craziest crap!!

well see ya tomorrow… your lipstick-less weight loss/maintenance, grocery store manager blogger gal Smile

Friday, July 22, 2011

counting counting counting

2011-07-22 05.11.09so this is my food for the day. I made Jello with cottage cheese and pineapple. Cherries. Egg whites for the protein. TJ’s egg white salad on a bagel thin with spicy brown mustard and a tofu bowl I made with brown rice and some pilaf and baked mushrooms and asparagus 2011-07-22 05.19.222011-07-22 05.20.032011-07-22 05.22.38

for breakfast I had 2 Eggo waffles. These suckers are a bit hard to find. Eggo’s are a plenty in most stores but not the low fat Nutri Grain which are only 70 calories each. I find them at my local Vons .. with cottage cheese on top

I think I am going to start doing crunches, maybe 50-75 every night

oohh I also hard some Lays potato chips… drats!! Sad smile One of the gals brought a bag upstairs.. so I guess there goes my Skinny Cow for the night!!

see ya tomorrow Smile

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