Saturday, July 16, 2011


Breakfast 4 egg whites and oatmeal

Perfect oatmeal, just microwave it, keep an eye on it though, it will boil over on ya!!! Splenda and cinnamon: tasty tasty tasty :)

Work food baked vegetables with cottage cheese, Trader Joe's egg white salad on an Oroweat bagel thin, A relish tray with cucumbers, red pepper, jicama and a few soy beans

I made a turkey roll up

and some cherries

I figure if I keep the calories at about 1300, That's a good number, I can actually go as high as 1467 and still lose, but that's figuring in errors

Counting the calories was easier today and I had variety. It will take a while to get used to counting, no big deal. I need to find a phone program that I like.

See ya tomorrow


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog, came over to visit you.
    Well done on all the weight lost, I also did WW till I got diagnosed with MS and was told never to touch anything with aspartame in it.
    I had to make many changes to my eating as all diet products have the poison in them, as does crystal light.
    Do yourself a favour and research this for yourself - I am doing so well with clean eating and drinking plain water, coffee and tea, without sugar or sweetener.
    After being diagnosed I share my story with everyone who thinks taking care of themselves is important.

  2. Food's looking good!
    Love the roll ups....
    I make them without bread...
    Just meat and maybe some cheese or cream cheese inside!
    Yum to the nom nom nom!


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