Sunday, July 17, 2011


I had cantaloupe last night and today, sooo good

Look I am the same color as the cantaloupe.... Hahahahaha .... It's the lighting, gees I hope

Breakfast was kind of the usual, but I added PB2 to the oatmeal, it mainly changed the texture of the oatmeal, it was sooo creamy. I will have it again. I love peanut butter and PB2 is the only peanut butter I trust myself to have in the house.

Cold oven roasted vegetables with cottage cheese

Today was food prep day, cut up strawberries, steamed green beans, made a huge salad (we just make the salad toppings, then add that to the lettuce, so no soggy salads) I made tofu bowls ... Will finish them tonight after hubby goes to bed, he always makes such a fuss when I bake tofu, silly man

Today was a success, I also hit a killer sale at Sears, simple summer tshirts $8 I love the Lands End brand

See ya tomorrow :)


  1. Love Lands' End, too!
    Good day for cantaloupe!
    And PB2.... good stuff!

  2. I love your pb2 idea in the oatmeal. I eat oatmeal a lot so I will have to try it. Pb2 is also the only kind I eat. It's really good :)

    Thanks for sharing. I love food pics!

  3. Cantaloupe and watermelon have carried me through this summer. Both have been really good this year. :)


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