Friday, July 22, 2011

counting counting counting

2011-07-22 05.11.09so this is my food for the day. I made Jello with cottage cheese and pineapple. Cherries. Egg whites for the protein. TJ’s egg white salad on a bagel thin with spicy brown mustard and a tofu bowl I made with brown rice and some pilaf and baked mushrooms and asparagus 2011-07-22 05.19.222011-07-22 05.20.032011-07-22 05.22.38

for breakfast I had 2 Eggo waffles. These suckers are a bit hard to find. Eggo’s are a plenty in most stores but not the low fat Nutri Grain which are only 70 calories each. I find them at my local Vons .. with cottage cheese on top

I think I am going to start doing crunches, maybe 50-75 every night

oohh I also hard some Lays potato chips… drats!! Sad smile One of the gals brought a bag upstairs.. so I guess there goes my Skinny Cow for the night!!

see ya tomorrow Smile


  1. Crunches - I do them now too- and WOW
    Am I ever sore! Darn core - is gonna be hard core!

  2. That sucks that the low fat Nutri Grain Eggos are hard to find there!! They're in every store here.

    I'll have to try the cottage cheese thing next time I buy them!!


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