Thursday, July 14, 2011

Feeling resentful

I have been cruising the blogs this morning

"I am never hungry" if you have been surgically altered, and are making this statement I am feeling a LOT of resentment at this moment
I have not had surgery to help me lose weight, I have lost it all on my own. Now I understand there are some of you out there that have needed surgery ... desperately... and I support your decisions

like you asked me or care what I think.. NO?? huh? I thought you cared... oops sorry got off on a side bar there for a moment
but I am feeling resentful at this moment...

I major binged yesterday and I have a food hangover, I weighted 144.8 this morning and I am struggling right now, this is something I have to work through, ON MY OWN, give myself a good major kick in the tookus and pick myself up, dust myself off, and keep going

I read blogs of people that have been banded, and have had other surgeries but when it comes down to it, I have NOTHING in common with these folks other than reducing numbers, sometime for me as of late ...insert groan and sad face here

life isn't fair

people's struggles are different

Your path is hard and I can't relate to it

still means you have struggles and I have struggles

I am feeling resentful
just wanted to say .....


  1. How horrible and mean of you. Making fun of those that have had surgery and thinking that they are not the same as you are. So evil........

    Ye feel me.... It's coming, thanks for taking some of the hate away....

  2. I totally understand this. I have a hard time reading some blogs and commenting fairly because it feels like we're on totally different journeys - I have particular problems with bypass/banded blogs and some blogs written by guys. I try and focus on what we DO have in common, which is a goal of a healthy lifestyle, even if our means of getting to there are different. There's something to glean from everyone's experience, I think. Still, I know it's tough when all you have to fight cravings and urges to snack/binge is your own willpower and not an altered body. Hang in there. :)

  3. I totally agree with you. I struggle constantly, and would nothing in common with someone who did it the "easy" way of liprosuction or banding. Even now, being laid up, even tho I wish to wake up suddenly thin, I know I have to continue struggling. After all, if I do the work, being healthy will be all the more "sweet". Thanks for verbalizing what bothers me too.

    Vee at

  4. Love you and miss you. smile!

  5. One thing we all have in common is good days, and better days....
    Which is a euphemism for "bad days!"

    And it does get better!


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