Monday, July 11, 2011

Let me be honest

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So do I take pictures of EVERYTHING I eat? ..... No ...... I will say 98% of my week for sure is pictured
Yesterday I did have some of hubbys popcorn, the evil kind :(
And add a muffin for today, an 80 calorie Trader Joe's kind, I think these new calorie labels on things have curbed my urge more than once!!! Starbucks sometimes has a pumpkin scone...... oh my gosh, they are kick the dog delicious!!! But dang those things have almost 500 calories!!! now I would never even take a nibble of one!!!
Crazy stupid!!
Well work was hello long
Off to chill out in the back yard with the dogs and a can of diet cream soda and a good book
Tootles blogger buddies :)


  1. I keep thinking that one day I will take pictures of what I eat but I never get around to it. The perfectionist in me would require that I plan for it. I have to admire those of you that "just do it" and it looks so good!

  2. Kick the dog delicious...Now I am listening...

  3. "kick the dog delicious" -LOL!!!!!


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