Wednesday, July 27, 2011

measure and weigh


I am a little obsessive, I realize

I weigh my coffee creamer 30G

I weigh my cottage cheese 122 G

I weigh my salad dressing 30 G

I weigh my tuna 4 ounces

When I have tofu, yep you guessed it! I weigh it … 3 ounces

I measure my oatmeal half a cup 2011-07-27 05.18.45

I weigh the pineapple in my jello salad’s and of course the cottage cheese!

I weigh my yogurt, measure the fruit

it has become normal for me now. I don’t even make coffee at work any more because I don’t weigh my creamer at work (ok ok they would FOR SURE make fun of me!!!) so I just have iced tea

I read labels like a fiend, yeppers that’s me when I check out your groceries reading the food labels on your food….

I look at the fat grams, the fiber grams and the calories and new to my journey… what has protein and how much

I didn’t know Greek yogurt was so high in saturated fats… hummm may have to rethink that choice!! drats Sad smile 

I jump on the scale maybe twice a week, once for sure on Thursday mornings… I haven’t been keeping up on the side bar thing-a-ma-jig… blogger doesn’t like me…. bah humbug!

new discoveries in my food world… tuna does … no wait… you may just need to sit down for this announcement… let me say… this one shocked the crap outta me… you ready? ok here goes

Tuna does not need mayonnaise to be yummy !!!! I know, I know sounds like an Elvis spotting story BUT BUT BUT it is freaking true, only took my dumb arse 50 years to figure that out!!! oh well … see ya can teach an old dog new tricks

arf arf

oatmeal has protein?!!! huh …who da thunk it!!

amazing what you can learn when you flip a bottle, can or box around and read the labels

but on that note, today I read a tostada chip package “NO SALT” … hum???… that doesn’t sound right … me thinks… flip the package around and every serving has 9% of your daily sodium allowed…. so goes to show ya, read the fine print (how is that even legal?? who polices food labels?)

chatty Cathy I am tonight Smile 

see ya tomorrow blogger buddies


  1. I really want a scale! I think it would be not a good thing for me because I have obsessive tenancies lol.

  2. I weigh everything too. Greek yogurt is so high in protein and you can get zero fat. Maybe you tried it and didn't like it? The Fage is the best and the most expensive too. :)

  3. Hi...I am your newest to hear about new products recipes and what works for others. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I weigh everything out like that too! :) ha ha ha...maybe that's why we've been successful with our journeys?


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