Monday, July 25, 2011

Mondays eats



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so here’s the deal, I had to play with the menu until I got it right, so I didn’t eat the tortilla or the bagel thin (notice all the white out on my journal) and tomorrow I will only have half the amount of oatmeal. I taped something on my computer at work so I would know when to eat (erpa derp..)

I counted WWer points AND protein. I think I can do this!! I also discovered tuna doesn’t have to be in mayonnaise to be good! I made a big bowl of tuna (for the week) with green olive tapenade and onions, added it to the small bowl of salad and it was soo good! I must admit I was surprised! I threw out the Skinny Cow ice creams and took a bunch of treats into work.

Good day, more to come!

See ya tomorrow blogger buddies Smile


  1. The protein sounds good!
    When you blend them with ice,
    it's just a good a any fro yo!!

  2. HI!! I too keep track of when I eat and have all through my weight lose and now during maintenance.
    8:30am = breakfast (always the same: 3egg whites on a small corn tortilla with some veggie added and 28g of parm cheese
    11:30am = my yogurt snack
    2-2:30 = lunch
    4ish = another snack
    evening commute = an apple...
    but then everything falls apart!! I'm STILL struggling with night eating.

    Thanks for the text today about not getting enough sleep and cravings (my cravings set in after 7pm)


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