Wednesday, July 13, 2011

No pictures today

So this morning I weighed myself..... 144
I was mad, .... Screw this I am going to count calories, see what I am doing wrong, lets break it down

Crystal light in my water ... hummm 6 of those puppies a day @ 10 calories each, 7 days a week that's 420 calories a week in Crystal light

Ah crap

I figured out I need to keep it at about 1400 calories to lose 10 pounds by the beginning of November, that's a good goal huh?

Day started off ok, I was mad about those 4 pounds coming right back, bummed out about the Crystal light and so I had a 9 AM conference call..... And before I knew it I ate my ENTIRE days worth of food by 11 o'clock..... And then it went to crap from there

Bottom line I must have eaten a zillion calories today, maybe a zillion and a half!!!!

I am going to weigh myself EVERY morning from now on
I am going to count my calories from now on
Keep it under 1450 calories a day
Cardio 5 days a week
I am going to wean myself off the Crystal Light

Its a bummer there really isn't any "free" food

On WW'ers so much stuff is "free"

The "free" cantaloupe and Honey dew melon's had 100 calories each.... Huh? Thought it was "free"

No, huh??

Weight Watchers has worked for me for 19 months, I love the program, it's just time to move on to a little more accountability

We start tomorrow

See ya tomorrow


  1. Breath..(Inhale, Exhale). Weight goes up and down on a daily basis. I might weigh 184.5 one day and 188.2 the next. You drink tons of water one day and your body may not get rid of it 100% by the next day. Once a week is fine. Every day will drive you crazy. Weaning off the crystal light is not a bad idea. Try some Mio (zero calories) found at many grocery stores. Maybe some flavored tea ice cubes to add to your water. Keep breathing. :)

  2. What? Crystal Light has calories?
    Did not know that.
    I find that what worked before still works -
    Maybe just needs tweaked a little!
    Ironic, isn't it? Just a little bit more.
    And that's ok!

  3. That was the problem I found with ww's when I added up the calories even if I used no extra pts some days I was eating 1800 cals!!
    I must admit I love crystal light too but I have been trying to drink plain water most of the time.
    Sorry I haven't been commenting but I've been way behind in blog reading and I get very tired just typing with one hand :(


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