Friday, July 1, 2011

Not the best but not the worst

4 egg whites and a half a cup of (dry) oatmeal

192 G's of Greek yogurt and 2 cups of berries

egg white salad from TJ's and a toasted Oroweat thin

Home made tofu bowl (half of a bowl of the prepared brown rice you buy at Costco, some broccoli, and 3 ounces of baked tofu, with hot sauce)

ok, ok this WAS the plan.... to measure out half of the protein drink and take it to work in this fun container... isn't the container fun!!!

beautiful iced coffee with added protein.... problem was.... ICK, HACK, PPPPUUUU, GROSS!! did not drink it, ugh ugh ugh ugh

there is my lunch all packed, now if you notice there is one container I didn't show you the contents of... hummm why is that you ask? well I gave it to a buddy of mine after I ate the stupid Munchos!!

and Anne you will be proud of me... I took this GIANT box of brownies to work and gave them to all the members, they loved them!! and now they are NOT in my pantry... whispering my name... Karla... oh.. Karla .... oh Karla.... woo hoo.... in here .... we are soooo yummy.... oh Karla ..................

Yikes!!!! Help get them out of the house!!!! well mission accomplished they have been removed from the building!!!

Stupid Munchos... I counted them as 8 points, I had no more than 2 cups (actually less but I figured better to count high)

And then my DD is leaving for vacation so after work we went to Frozen yogurt and I soo did not want one, so I had a teeny tiny Frozen yogurt, no more than 2 points

Grand total for the day 28 points, not oh my Gawd I wanna shot myself, but not the best day ever... win some ya lose some

See ya tomorrow


  1. I ate five of the six brownies I bought but will not buy anymore. When I ate one, it made me want more carbs like popcorn but I enjoyed them. Ice cream is my name caller. Actually, it's more like it screams my name and won't leave me alone. Sigh.

  2. Oh be still my little heart! I'm happy those brownies are gone too! Nothing but trouble if you ask me. You did ask, right? lol

    That giraffe IS very cute.

    Was it the premixed shake that was the problem or you just didn't like the coffee with the protein shake at all?
    I mix my own when I have that. Just my coffee with some plain, unsweetened whey protein and a tiny bit of cocoa powder and sweetener.

    Hope you're having a fantastic 4th of July weekend, Karla!

  3. Way to go on getting rid of a trigger food! We all have different ones and it makes eating so much easier when they're not around!
    Some days are definitely easier than others! Here's wishing you many easier days this week :)


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