Sunday, July 24, 2011

Not a good day




you may look at the pictures and think, hummm not too bad??!! I ate the entire bag of Skinny fries = 330 calories and 2 Skinny Cow’s 300 calories


so calorie wise it wasn’t a gawd awful day, but I have been playing with the gym idea and I was talking to my DD and her BF, both are 100% certifiable gym rats, bodybuilding fanatic's!! … Question: Is it even possible to have a flat stomach and be in your 50’s? they both assure me it is. I have to clean up my diet, more protein less fruit, and get into the gym and do some lifting… humm??? so I bought some protein powder today, the REAL stuff not the sissy lady protein kind from TJ’s

I am going to throw away the rest of my Skinny Cow’s… sobbbb

and the other bag of the Skinny fries… gasp!!

I am noticing here that both have the word “Skinny” in them, huh…. errr NOT!!

I want to have a flat stomach, I know this may sound silly but I am going to try!!

6 small meals. 120-140 grams of protein, fruit limited to 1 cup a day (that was my good bye huge bowl of cantaloupe this evening)

eating cleaner, less processed foods, more protein, and add the gym and we will see. I have been on this journey for 19 months now. I have changed my body from the obese woman I was to a healthy weight but I feel skinny fat…. does that sound crazy?

I think I am afraid of not tracking Weight Watcher points, calories are too freakin hard to do. I do them from time to time to keep Weight Watchers REAL, because let’s face it any weight management program you are on you can tweek and convince yourself that you are eating correctly when in fact you are cheating and you know it and the scale knows it and your clothes know it!!

Is 51 too old?? ahh screw it… I am going to go for it! I will change my diet tomorrow. I am on vacation next week, we are going out of town for a few days but when I get back I am going to re join the gym, and who knows???

a new goal… flat stomach in my 50’s

will she succeed???? dang tootin!!!!

see ya tomorrow blogger buddies


  1. I did look at the pictures and think "that's not so bad". It's hard to control ourselves sometimes when we know it's there. It's so yummy!

    More protein, less fruit? Is fruit bad for you? What kind of protein will you eat besides take the protein powder?

    Great job at throwing away the "skinny" stuff. lol

    Have fun on your vacation and Good luck at starting again when you get back. Does this mean you're going to stop counting points all together? Are you quiting Weight Watchers?

  2. I had to say "no more Fiber One brownies" after I ate the first and only box in record time. My wish is for nice, firm arms instead of the marshmallow arms I have now. I saw a blog yesterday that I'd not seen before at She is 53 and looks kind of amazingly in shape. Keep us posted. I do well to get to a Zumba class occasionally and walk four or five times a week.

  3. Gym Rat City - here we come - or bust!!
    (Out of our clothes, maybe!)
    Probably good news to up the protein,
    And watch the fruit!
    I'm excited for you!


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