Thursday, July 7, 2011

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Busy busy day,
1. Trader Joe's: egg white salad, sweet potato spears, berries, misc fruit and veggies, dang no fresh peas for the salad!
2. Starbucks: iced coffee
3. Vallarte: cinnamon sticks (for coffee) uber cheap .... Dang they had no jicama!!!
4. Costco: meat for the hubby, and I scored some fresh halibut more veggies
5. Food 4 Less: jicama and canned foods
6. Yozen Frogurt for a fro yo
7. Vons, hubby likes their brand of onion rings and I found fresh peas
8. Cleaners

Then I got home and cooked cooked cooked, I am a total foodie if you haven't figured that out for yourself by now!

Steamed green beans, I cut up a watermelon, and a cantaloupe, Made a huge bowl of berries: blueberries, raspberries, raspberries and strawberries; made a huge bowl of salad toppings: cucumbers, jicama, red pepper, fresh peas, red onions, carrots, garbanzo beans and tomatoes. Oven vegetables are roasting as I type, also I am baking tofu. I made chop suey.... This time with NO sesame oil.


  1. Karla! Look at how beautiful and slim you are! Those legs go on forever!

    I had only ever eaten halibut in the deep fried version and it wasn't until a couple of months ago that I baked it in the oven with some lemon slices.
    It was soooooo good. The steak of the sea! I love this fish but wow is it spendy.

    Cherries are my favorite fruit.

  2. Look at you! Miss Skinny you look wonderful. Hope you don't mind "skinny". Personally, I would love to be called that. :)

  3. i had a popsicle and some cantaloupe, maybe another 150 calories

  4. Beautiful food and gorgeous lady!!

  5. I've said this a thousand times, are SKINN-Y! I can't wait to be in the same boat as you. PLUS, you eat all that yummy-yummy food. :)


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