Sunday, July 3, 2011

Post # Sunday 7/3/11

Super cinnamon oatmeal!
The tofu bowl was spoiled, so I came home and tossed all of them :(
Had a few green beans tonight, no more than a cup
It was a day.... Boy oh boy oh .....
Sleep... i hope .... Last night I woke up every 2 hours :(
See ya tomorrow


  1. Your oats looking amazing today :)
    Get lots of sleep, I can imagine that you had one heck of a weekend!!

  2. Oats are good... the tofu is a spoiled rotten food that would wear a tierra if it could!
    The food looks good - and the veggies! omg...
    Rest well, dear Karla.... no more rush till the next major holiday!

  3. You look fantastic. I can't say it enough. I just can't! FANTASTIC!


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