Thursday, July 28, 2011

Problem solved


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do you see that number??? huh? huh? huh? that is a 3 baby!!! so this several small meals seems to be working for me!!

my 6 egg white omelet was crazy big this morning. I ate the other half tonight when I got home from work so that takes the protein to just under 140 and the WWer points to 23 for the day

I was talking about Greek yogurt yesterday. Look at the difference in labels! I buy Fage 0% and it has zero saturated fats (good I so did not want to give up my yogurt!!) and look at the other label!! OMG!! I don’t remember the brand but I don’t know about you but I see Greek yogurt, plain… ohhh healthy! well apparently not!!!  I can’t remember why saturated fats are unhealthy but I know they are…. ohh fun another thing for me to Google

I am so easily entertained Smile with tongue out 

see ya tomorrow blogger buddies Smile

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