Saturday, July 23, 2011

“Women should wear lipstick”



fso I haven’t quite figured out how to blog my pictures in order, unless I go one by one…. I had fro yo… not planned so I have to add 4 points


breakfast, oatmeal is under the plate in the bowl bsalad toppings. I just added some Newman's light balsamic and added it on top of the turkey roll up cturkey roll up


my days food all packed up

so today an older male customer leans over the check stand as I am ringing his order up, “you forgot your lipstick”

I was startled, …”excuse me?”

he says “women should wear lipstick”


“ah, ok??”

he goes on to tell me “you would look better with lipstick”

gees pees…

people can say and do the craziest crap!!

well see ya tomorrow… your lipstick-less weight loss/maintenance, grocery store manager blogger gal Smile


  1. People say the darn-dest things!

  2. I've never liked lipstick but it looks good on some people. The movie I watched is on NetFlix instant watch. It was worth watching I thought. :)

  3. Wow! That is funny and awkward all at the same time!


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