Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Camera is being weird


let’s talk yogurt people

I love Fage 0% now hear me out… yes it is kind of tart


but it has tons of protein, zero fat

2011-08-31 04.58.32

and I add PB2 regular or chocolate with a few splenda packets or cinnamon, vanilla and some splenda or fruit (frozen berries shown) and a few splenda’s

2011-08-31 04.55.49

here is the link for the PB2 I also get it from Amazon (shipping can be a bit cheaper) I know it has a few grams of sugar, but compared to the Snickers bars I used to eat…. PB wins!!!

2011-08-31 04.48.092011-08-31 05.10.212011-08-31 05.18.34

my camera was being a total pain this morning, until breakfast then it decided to behave

oh well

I need to say a Thank You to Nessa … I woke up this morning and I was going to blow off the treadmill …. until I read Nessa’s comment she posted yesterday “Why is it that exercise is always the last thing we squeeze in our schedule, when it is probably the most important thing! :) “

well that got my butt on the treadmill this morning!!!

I also was cruising the blogs this morning and I have added Nerd fitness to my blog roll. This morning he posted an INSPIRING video… WOW!!!

watch it!!! OMG!!

see ya tomorrow blogger buddies Open-mouthed smile

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Full days


work, meetings, things to do!! cleaners, pay bills, grocery shop, fix food, sleep, find time for the hubby, the kids, and me, exercise… not enough time?

phooey Smile with tongue out 

if it’s important to you, you find the time

no whiners allowed Smile 

2011-08-30 04.29.08

every house has these and I use them like crazy!!

2011-08-30 04.33.502011-08-30 04.56.542011-08-30 17.43.35

much better Smile no soy beans, no garbanzo beans I laid off the PB2, because let’s face those “little bit’s” do add up!! today was cinnamon and vanilla in my yogurt and in my oatmeal, yummo and no extra calories! Now don’t be rash…. I am not giving up on my PB2

just getting real

see ya tomorrow blogger friends, I was up for some gawd awful reason at 3AM

I am exhausted!!! nighty night



now I need to take my own advise

Fact #1 we make a HUGE bowl of salad every few days

Fact #2 I eat TONS of this salad, I eat at least one bowl of it every day, plus I put the salad on my turkey wraps

Fact#3 I have been struggling… gaining … yeah let’s not bring up the cookie feast on Sunday … please let’s stick to my story Smile with tongue out 

so my daughter comes home from the gym last night, she told her trainer she has been gaining and couldn’t figure out why so in the conversation our salads come up, he tells he to slow down on the garbanzo’s and soy beans… yeah they have protein BUT they make you retain water and have a lot of calories … HUH? Confused smile

I do the math from the labels this morning : photo evidence 2011-08-30 04.08.32

what the heck!!!!

21 points I have been adding to our salad, which we scarf down in usually 3-4 days time…

okay math time again Nerd smile

that’s 18-20 extra points a week I have been eating!!! and not counting


moral of the story: read your labels KARLA!!!

see ya tonight friends

Monday, August 29, 2011

New Week, fresh start


2011-08-29 05.12.43

so I had the usual, but this picture doesn’t do the oatmeal justice…. it is so yummy!!

2011-08-29 05.20.17

this PB2 is wonderful!!! If you haven’t tried it; you have to Google it!!! so good!!! I add it to shakes, yogurt and oatmeal and it totally satisfies my peanut butter fix! Smile 

Work food prep

 2011-08-29 04.42.23

and the end result

2011-08-29 05.02.33

lets see here… Nerd smile watermelon, SF jello with cottage cheese, pineapple and some grated apple, Fage 0% yogurt with PB2, TJ egg white salad, turkey roll up, and salad

2011-08-29 05.10.54

This is my kitchen shelves of plastic… every one needs plastic ware, extra plastic spoons and forks. I wash them so I never have to buy new ones. There is a spare WW scale in the top left. Just in case

Good eats day Open-mouthed smile

see ya tomorrow blogger buds

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Blurry picture day


2011-08-28 05.52.302011-08-28 07.33.58the morning started out good, up early a quick shake and a few hours later we are off for breakfast

2011-08-28 07.37.58

I didn’t eat all the fruit at the restaurant, BUT I ate 2 bowl of watermelon and some cantaloupe today

2011-08-28 10.22.22

turkey roll up

2011-08-28 12.36.09

looks innocent? hum not when you have freaking 4!!!2011-08-28 14.05.48and 6 of these puppies Sad smile why do I even bring this stuff into the house?

2011-08-28 14.34.00then a sensible dinner

2011-08-28 17.53.03

I need to get back to normal, I have been off my routine for almost a week now … then my son tells me today I am looking fatter


Was it those 700 extra calories today?

blurry pictures and fat day … bah humbug

see ya tomorrow blogger buddies

Be safe friends

Such bad weather

Friends, family and blogger buddies in the path


Be safe, post soon

You are in my prayers

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Recovery weekend


2011-08-27 08.17.39I am eating my usual… see hubbys breakfast? left over spaghetti and meatballs… lol Smile with tongue out we DO NOT eat the same way

2011-08-27 11.02.28

TJ egg white salad

2011-08-27 11.11.12

I found these little cheese snack things, there are 13 grams of protein if you have a white and a yellow one… nummers Open-mouthed smile I haven’t had cheese if forever!!

2011-08-27 15.58.04

2011-08-27 15.58.272011-08-27 17.58.38I had some chicken, Fat free refried beans and some red bell pepper with salad for dinner

2011-08-27 18.13.58

I didn’t take a picture, I had a bowl of salad with cottage cheese earlier in the day

Here is the link to my singing debutSurprised smile

nope, I am not going to quit my day job

and here is my dancing debut... omg!!!

see ya tomorrow blogger buds

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Weigh in day


2011-08-23 04.50.582011-08-23 04.53.23two these two pictures were from the other day, but I did have a shake today and this is the water I usually take every day 2011-08-25 04.09.18salad, melon, SF jello salad, egg white salad (thatI dropped on the floor) Sad smile 2011-08-25 04.09.38I made this salad yesterday!!! 2011-08-25 04.09.49turkey roll up 2011-08-25 04.24.21screwy picture order, this was the morning planning meeting… aka breakfast 2011-08-25 17.49.28

I went to another company picnic, soo much fun Open-mouthed smile when my friend sends me video I will post it public on my face book and attach a link here, total girl goofy fun Smile with tongue out

I have to pack my food tonight, because I have to be out of the house by 4:30AM tomorrow!!! YIKES!!!

see ya tomorrow blogger buds

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