Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back in the saddle


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I read a blog yesterday, she has been AWOL for a few months and gained a whole bunch of weight back

reminds me there are no days off!!! Back at it this morning, weighing, measuring and counting and figuring Open-mouthed smile 

4 egg whites, quarter cup oatmeal and some PB2 for breakfast. Work food: fritatta, salad (has cottage cheese for protein), watermelon, SF jello salad (cottage cheese and fruit in it) TJ’s egg white salad and my new obsession Fage yogurt with some PB2

I will have a small bag of popcorn MAYBE tonight (the one point on Weight Watchers size)

see ya tomorrow blogger buds


  1. Yep, we work too hard to get the weight off and then maintain. Taking a few months off won't work for me!

    How much cottage cheese and fruit do you add to the SF jello? Looks good.

  2. Sadly, food addiction leads to regaining weight 97% of the time. I hope that person can get back their upper hand. As usual, your food pics look good! lol

    - Lisa

  3. I have some (vexed) LC friends
    (Nurse friends in real life)
    Who take a cheat day once a month.
    Why tempt fate?
    Those days will come on their own!
    Why go around tweeking noses
    and taking days off from a process that is
    apparently 24/7

    For me it's either the saddle - or the saddle bags!
    I want the saddle!

  4. Another reminder that we can't look at this as a diet but as a lifestyle change!


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