Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bad food day


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so I get up this morning, down a shake… off to boot camp

got my butt kicked Open-mouthed smile love it Open-mouthed smile 

egg white omelet with the hubby and some oatmeal

coffee bean iced coffee with SF vanilla powder, Trader Joes egg white salad (2 points on the old plan… I don’t count using point plus)



Grocery shopped and food prep.. I made an egg white Fritatta. I baked the mushrooms and asparagus, microwaved 4 wedges of Laughing cow light for about 20 seconds then mixed the Laughing cow with the baked vegetables.. poured 2 small cartons of egg whites over it and baked it in a 350 oven for about 45 minutes … until it was good and done. 161 calories each slice and only 3 points with 25 grams of protein… score!!!

Made salad for the week, cut up a watermelon I also made SF jello’s,

then things went to crap from there

Frozen yogurt, not to bad huh??

then I came home and was into the Sesame sticks (I ended up throwing them in the trash)

2 slices of Turkey with mustard and jalapeno relish

(no picture) a bowl of soy beans

(no picture) some Haagen-Dazs

:::::blech :::::

oh well…

when I start to go down hill it seems like there are no brakes Sad smile 

tomorrows a new day Smile 

do over …

see ya tomorrow blogger buds

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  1. I have the same "junkie" mentality....
    No brakes at all.... No feeling of being full....
    No little signal that switches off and says
    "Ah- that was good - and thank you - I'm satisfied!"
    I have to walk away - in advance!


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