Friday, August 19, 2011

Blogging in blog land


so I made a plan today while having my usual breakfast… no picture needed … 4 egg whites and a quarter cup (dry measure) of oatmeal 2011-08-19 05.29.01

kind of heavy on the points and protein, but on Friday’s I do more office time, so I get the munchies more

I have a new favorite… turkey roll up. I start with  La Tortilla 100% whole wheat tortilla 2011-08-19 05.02.382011-08-19 05.03.04

put spicy mustard, jalapeno relish, 3-4 ounces of turkey and then yellow mustard and top it all off with my salad (I make a HUGE bowl of salad every few days) roll it up and super yummo! 2011-08-19 04.59.13

My food all packed for the day 2011-08-19 05.01.15

I probably did not need this yogurt, but if I was to eat too many points today, I wanted to at least eat good food! Peanut butter yogurt!!! if you haven’t tried this…

what are you waiting for???

off to surf the blogs, listen to the hubby snore Eye rolling smile maybe read? or maybe cruise Netflix?

chillin like a villain Open-mouthed smile 

see ya tomorrow blogger buds 


  1. Did you have peanut butter frozen yogurt? That is my favorite along with some chocolate. Second favorite is the original tart yogurt. So good.

  2. Chilin like a villain.... eating that yogurt!
    mmmmm sounds great!

  3. Sounds like an awesome day of foods :)

  4. "Low carb / High Fiber" is one of my favorite combos to see on any food package. ;)


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