Sunday, August 28, 2011

Blurry picture day


2011-08-28 05.52.302011-08-28 07.33.58the morning started out good, up early a quick shake and a few hours later we are off for breakfast

2011-08-28 07.37.58

I didn’t eat all the fruit at the restaurant, BUT I ate 2 bowl of watermelon and some cantaloupe today

2011-08-28 10.22.22

turkey roll up

2011-08-28 12.36.09

looks innocent? hum not when you have freaking 4!!!2011-08-28 14.05.48and 6 of these puppies Sad smile why do I even bring this stuff into the house?

2011-08-28 14.34.00then a sensible dinner

2011-08-28 17.53.03

I need to get back to normal, I have been off my routine for almost a week now … then my son tells me today I am looking fatter


Was it those 700 extra calories today?

blurry pictures and fat day … bah humbug

see ya tomorrow blogger buddies


  1. Yeah, those popsicles are a killer. I eat at least 2 at a time if I have them in the house. LOL Better to not have them at home. :)

  2. I got called "Chubby" by a patient.
    We both almost ended up in ICU!
    Yeah - I see you ate one too!
    Back on track after a minor melt -down.....
    It's still all good.... blurry, or not!

  3. I hope your son was kidding! I have the opposite with my girls and no matter how fat I got they would say "You're not fat, Mama." :( Yea, today is a new day and a new week. Here we go.

  4. I know what your going through. A friend whose wife works at a cookie factory dropped off a big box of different cookies this week!!!


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