Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Camera is being weird


let’s talk yogurt people

I love Fage 0% now hear me out… yes it is kind of tart


but it has tons of protein, zero fat

2011-08-31 04.58.32

and I add PB2 regular or chocolate with a few splenda packets or cinnamon, vanilla and some splenda or fruit (frozen berries shown) and a few splenda’s

2011-08-31 04.55.49

here is the link for the PB2 I also get it from Amazon (shipping can be a bit cheaper) I know it has a few grams of sugar, but compared to the Snickers bars I used to eat…. PB wins!!!

2011-08-31 04.48.092011-08-31 05.10.212011-08-31 05.18.34

my camera was being a total pain this morning, until breakfast then it decided to behave

oh well

I need to say a Thank You to Nessa … I woke up this morning and I was going to blow off the treadmill …. until I read Nessa’s comment she posted yesterday “Why is it that exercise is always the last thing we squeeze in our schedule, when it is probably the most important thing! :) “

well that got my butt on the treadmill this morning!!!

I also was cruising the blogs this morning and I have added Nerd fitness to my blog roll. This morning he posted an INSPIRING video… WOW!!!

watch it!!! OMG!!

see ya tomorrow blogger buddies Open-mouthed smile


  1. I'm a 2% Fage girl (I like the creaminess of the bit of fat) with vanilla or almond extract, nuts (usually walnuts or slivered almonds) and some kind of fruit--berries of some or multiple sorts--lately, I'm on a blackberry kick-, sliced peaches. Mmmmmm. Soo good.

  2. I tried the regular PB2 and didn't like the sweet taste but I might try the chocolate because it's supposed to be sweet and I'll probably like it better. :)

  3. Caron if you didn't like the sweet taste try peanut flour, exactly the same thing but no sugar only peanuts!


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