Thursday, August 4, 2011


I just read a blog of a woman that has lost a lot of weight, in her title of her blog it says something about journey towards health and happiness, or something like that


in her weekly plan is drinking and how she is going to handle the day after, when she is hung-over


when I started blogging and journaling my weight I made a decision not to drink. I am not a good drinker. If I start, it takes me a year or two to stop (no lie!!) and I get fat, bloated, sloppy and gross

how does fat, sloppy, bloated and gross lead to a happier healthier life?

I understand I may seem extreme to some, but that is me

I am curious… do some of you plan to get fall down drunk? and how you are going to handle the aftermath?

I am not talking about a glass of wine in the evening with your meal or a few beers. I am talking black out stupid hangover time

just curios


  1. I read a post like that not long ago. The person I read was just so matter of fact that she would be out drinking and would be hung over as if there were no other alternative. I also thought about her driving. I hoped she would have a designated driver at the very least. Alcohol makes me feel tired, heavy, and dull. It also takes away my resolve to eat healthy so I seldom indulge.

  2. I enjoy a frosty fruity drink while on vacation but thats about it. plus i hate drinking my calories.

  3. Wait a minute, are we all pointing out the flaws in other plans ? I love that, and I am feeling the love.. Karla, tomorrow, let's get jiggy and find more crazies

  4. You know what, for me I'm 20 years old and I don't "plan" to get fall down drunk but when I do, I don't give myself shit for it. If I have a hangover than I deal with and get back on the wagon. That is just my life, and if that other person wants to allow time for herself to binge drink than I say the power to him or her! I think it is cool however that you choose not to drink because of how it affects you.

  5. Getting fall down drunk scares the crap out of me! I talk too much, make really bad choices and then feel terrible for days afterwards. But most of all, I'm with Queen Diva, I hate drinking my calories!

  6. I quit drinking too.
    And feel much better for it!
    Never had a hangover, though.
    Not even when I hit my head!


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