Sunday, August 14, 2011

Food snob

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The Creamsicle’s were from last night, yes I had 2 of them Sad smile 

I didn’t pack enough food, I needed a shake, so about 3 when I am hungry what was my answer? I went back to check the meat department and the butcher had Entenmanns donuts on his desk, hey taste like wax seriously gross!!! and HOW you ask would I know this??? hummm???yep I ate one of those waxy gross 240 calorie puppies… I seriously do not miss that garbage! I am always afraid to pack too much food because I will overeat and when I pack too little food I overeat!!!

oh and 3 bites of hubbys steak … I never eat beef any more, it was good Smile 


I really think my weight problem was/is from lack of planning. Let’s face it folks if you have been successful at losing weight, it is a freaking job!!! planning, shopping, exercising

oh, the topic of this post….

I made eggs this morning, pulled them out of the refrigerator… “huh? they look so small?!” crude, I bought large, not extra large… I really prefer the jumbo’s eggs …. Large eggs Sad smile Nope I don’t like them!

I ran up to my local market the other night, I was out of turkey and just grabbed some … on sale!!! oh a sale!! I love me a sale

it was/is weird… I like REAL sliced turkey Annoyed oh I will eat it, because I spent $10 on it, but it is like paper thin weird texture pressed “turkey” I am sure it has way to much sodium and all kinds of those nitrate thingys

yep, I am officially a food snob,

later blogger buds 

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  1. I love the Chocolate Creamsicles. Yummy!

    It's crazy how one donut has that many calories. LOL I'm glad you didn't like them. That could have been dangerous if you did ;)

    I think it's probably better to pack too much food and overeat on the stuff we know is probably healthier than just what we would grab if we didn't have it in our back. Keep over packing :)

    Losing weight is like a job, but worth it. Keep planning.

    I have always used large eggs but a couple weeks ago, extra large eggs were on sale so I bought some of those. For the same amount of points, extra large are so much bigger and better. Now, I'll always buy extra large.

    Have you ever tried Oscar Mayer Deli Sliced lunch meat. They have so many varieties in the meat department.

    Keep up the good work and keep sharing your food pictures, I love them!


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