Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Full days


work, meetings, things to do!! cleaners, pay bills, grocery shop, fix food, sleep, find time for the hubby, the kids, and me, exercise… not enough time?

phooey Smile with tongue out 

if it’s important to you, you find the time

no whiners allowed Smile 

2011-08-30 04.29.08

every house has these and I use them like crazy!!

2011-08-30 04.33.502011-08-30 04.56.542011-08-30 17.43.35

much better Smile no soy beans, no garbanzo beans I laid off the PB2, because let’s face those “little bit’s” do add up!! today was cinnamon and vanilla in my yogurt and in my oatmeal, yummo and no extra calories! Now don’t be rash…. I am not giving up on my PB2

just getting real

see ya tomorrow blogger friends, I was up for some gawd awful reason at 3AM

I am exhausted!!! nighty night


  1. So true... if it's a priority you make time!

  2. I'm THIS close to tossing my PB2 jars. I bought them on someone's recommendation and, not having my reading glasses with me, realized when I got home they had sugar.

    Then, soon after, I started just avoiding peanuts altogether (given the toxicity they have according to some Primal/Paleo folks). I don't get bent if peanuts makes it into my meals now and then, I just don't have it daily like I used to (ie,mostly organic, fresh, raw peanut butter). I do love the taste of the stuff, but almond butter, walnut butter, macadamia butter and pecan butter are just as tasty (pecan butter is crazy amazing yummy on pears!!!!) and dont' have the toxicity issues.

    I hope you do try the Gluten Free experiment (maybe just grains free altogether for a month) and let us know how it goes. I'm always excited when people try something different and honestly report how they feel/do.

    Later, lady. Sleep well.

  3. I love pb2 but I love peanut flour just as much and it has no sugar :)
    Looks like a great days food to me! Have a great sleep

  4. Why is it that exercise is always the last thing we squeeze in our schedule, when it is probably the most important thing! :)
    What is PB2?


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