Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Home again, home again jiggly jig

we had a fun trip. it started out as a nightmare!!!! NIGHTMARE!!! but we recovered the trip. I do have a sweet husband Smile 

2011-07-31 17.51.36

this is the gawd awful room we started off in, the Good Night Inn at San Diego we did check in as you can see by the luggage but… no way!!! no way!!! ok, ok, lets try and make the best of this… so off to Old Town San Diego we go … disappointing….. Now I am in full blown pout mode. We get back to the Good Night inn :::::gasp:::: and I told my hubby, no way!!! I want to go home, so off we go to return the car to the rental place

Avis man was THEE best, we told him our tale of woe and he said go to the Hilton at the Bay!!! so my husband gets on the phone and finds us a room for two nights, with a bay view!!!

2011-08-01 06.59.302011-08-01 07.00.04

we were on the twelfth floor and this was our view!! so so gorgeous! We will definitely go back to the Hilton, they were so wonderful and the hotel was so amazing!!

we did not need the car!! we walked down to Seaport Village

2011-08-01 08.29.51 and spent 4 hours at the Midway museum,2011-08-01 12.05.50 we had thee most delicious dinner at the Fish Market

2011-08-01 20.03.52

all in all it was a grand trip we did learn though

#1 if a bargain is too good to be true it is!! (The Good Night Inn)

#2 Travelocity is amazing about working with you, they refunded almost all of the Good Night Inn/Sea World package when I called and told them about the atrocious accommodations

#3 You don’t need to rent a car!

#4 Hilton by the bay is the only way to go!

#5 Bring more money!!! Laughing out loud

so on to my eating…. I did really really good the entire trip, too much salt though, I had measured out some beef jerky for snaking (salty!!) and we bought some smoked salmon and smoked tuna from The Fish Market  for a snack before we went to dinner (for the walk back to the hotel) delicious but also salty. I drank all my water and then some but then last night it was almost like I did so well, and I knew I would be back to normal blogging and accountability today , I sat up last night after the hubby went to bed and ate about three quarters of a bag of Fritos!!! I would never never never have eaten it had he been awake!! I am so crazy sometimes!! I weighed this morning and I was at 141, so not too much damage done! I did discover I like to eat my food, from my kitchen, made by me!!! (control freak much??!!)

I like to plan, measure and figure out exactly what I am consuming.

so I am back, not too much damage done, had a wonderful time; a rough start but it ended up nice and we learned how to go to San Diego (Amtrak)  and where to stay (Hilton at the Bay) and what we don’t need (car) and next time we will go to a ball game as Petco Park is right across the street from the Hilton

now starts the stacation Smile 

see ya tonight with my normal picture post Smile 

I missed my blogging


  1. You are just like me :) I'd much rather eat at home and know exactly what's in it !!
    Glad your trip turned out better than it started

  2. We've stayed in a few of those unappealing places just to be able to have our dog or cat with us. The Hilton used to have the best coffee on earth. That was way before Starbucks or other fancy coffee places. I prefer my coffee black and strong but not bitter. Don't ask for much, do I?

    Glad you managed to salvage the trip. It sounds like fun. :)

  3. Im glad your trip was recovered! I had to stay in a gross hotel last time I went on a trip because I was dropping my mother off at the airport, it was soooo grossss!

  4. I love to stay at places with a kitchen....
    like the Extended Stay Hotels groups....
    And NO, I don't work there!
    Glad you had a blast!

  5. So glad your trip turned out so well after the rough start. It's such a risk choosing a hotel when you haven't been there in person.

    And congrats on not doing much damage diet-wise. The walking was a good thing, I guess.

    Glad you're back!

  6. Glad your trip turned out well! I hate those terrible hotels- you never know what you're getting into!


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