Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I need to figure this out


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when I don’t have something sweet, like a frozen yogurt or a Fiber one brownie, or a Vitatop… I can go days and not freak out over sweets but…… last night I ate so much chocolate!!!

and today I had just a handful of mini vanilla wafers and I was fine

I need to add something sweet back into my diet, I still have a weird stomach from the chocolate last night

Balance, I am needing to find balance

tootles blogger buddies


  1. Get that chocolate bar out of the house lady! Maybe try to chocolate PB2?

  2. Sweets affect me the same, it's all or nothing. But, I'm a carb addict in general..... not good lol

  3. Ah - the ole Sweets Conundrum.
    The more we eat - the more we want!
    I do much better when I throw the stuff out!


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