Thursday, August 18, 2011

"it's the thought that counts" ...... REALLY???

You know that saying

"it's the thought that counts"

I so disagree.... It's the actions that count ..... I THOUGHT about losing weight for years until I did something! Did those thoughts count? Not in regards to the number on my scale

So I am going to live by "it's the ACTIONS that count"

What ACTIONS are you taking today to better your life? Your relationships? Your work environment?


Waxing my brows today.... Improves my appearance and my self esteem
Spending time with my DD .... Improves my relationship with her
Calling my son..... Lets him know I think of him and love him... Not because I call.... but I tell him .....and those in my life I love, that I love them..... I need to hear those words "I love you" and I am sure they do also
Making a nice dinner for hubby... He is having some stress at work and will feel comforted to come home and have a nice dinner... I don't make it to eat, but to ease some of his stress, I do love that grouchy grumpy man :)
Taking some quiet time for me, right this moment..... Sitting on my back yard watching the squirrels eat their peanuts and the birds eating out of the feeder, calms me and makes me appreciate what I have

What actions will you take today that count? (as the saying goes)

See ya tonight blogger buds


  1. Well said! Putting those good thoughts into action is where it counts! Thanks for the reminder.

    Take care,

  2. What a wonderful list of actions!!

    I got my eyebrows waxed last week too :)

  3. Yes, it is actions & choices! Great post! My hubby has major work stress too & I am looking so stress all around BUT the exercise so helps that!

    As for eyebrows, I don't have any... hair all over the face but ya think with menopause hair growth, it could hit the eyebrows too! ;-)

  4. Thoughts, eh?
    You are onto something here!


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