Monday, August 29, 2011

New Week, fresh start


2011-08-29 05.12.43

so I had the usual, but this picture doesn’t do the oatmeal justice…. it is so yummy!!

2011-08-29 05.20.17

this PB2 is wonderful!!! If you haven’t tried it; you have to Google it!!! so good!!! I add it to shakes, yogurt and oatmeal and it totally satisfies my peanut butter fix! Smile 

Work food prep

 2011-08-29 04.42.23

and the end result

2011-08-29 05.02.33

lets see here… Nerd smile watermelon, SF jello with cottage cheese, pineapple and some grated apple, Fage 0% yogurt with PB2, TJ egg white salad, turkey roll up, and salad

2011-08-29 05.10.54

This is my kitchen shelves of plastic… every one needs plastic ware, extra plastic spoons and forks. I wash them so I never have to buy new ones. There is a spare WW scale in the top left. Just in case

Good eats day Open-mouthed smile

see ya tomorrow blogger buds

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