Tuesday, August 16, 2011



I get up every morning and make a plan 2011-08-16 05.27.51

write it down, figure it out.. Stay within my WW points and still get the amount of protein I need (120-140 grams leaves me never hungry!) and I need to tweek the plan so I eat every 3 hours or so (also makes me never hungry) and a lot of smaller meals is better for my metabolism which keeps it always working. 

My new favorite thing is this PB2

2011-08-16 05.37.58

good in oatmeal AND in Fage yogurt, it’s like frozen yogurt, that’s not frozen Smile with tongue out

So today was the company picnic and what do I do? but of course!!! pack my own food

2011-08-16 05.15.06

add to this a shake, and tonight I had two SF creamsicles (100 calories each)

… maybe not a good choice but not a horrible choice either

see ya tomorrow blogger buddies


  1. Yogurt that's not frozen?
    What's that? ;D

  2. I keep debating buying PB2. I had to get rid of regular PB cause I was going over my allowed amount. It is probably my biggest weakness for some unknown reason!

  3. I LOVE PB2. Isn't it fabulous? One of the great finds, I think. :)
    Have an awesome week!!



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