Wednesday, August 24, 2011

post 737

Yesterday there were no Daily Thoughts

It was all about work yesterday. Food took a back seat, I did have some stress eating

Which was silly because last nights inventory was a breeze

Today I slept and prepared food for the coming days

Tomorrow is another company picnic

I don't think the scale will be kind to me tomorrow.....hummmm

Anne talked about being a dumb ass

I think I am a card carrying member, watch her video.... I would venture to say most WL bloggers belong to that club :)

See ya tomorrow back with the normal pictures

Later blogger buddies


  1. Yeah, feed us the pics! and I insist my ass has a high IQ. :D

  2. Well I'm glad work went smoothly for you!
    I can definitely be a dumb ass :)

  3. Dumb and dumberer-er for mine!
    My hand keeps a-reaching for the stuff
    that my mind knows is off-limits...
    And I like it!
    Ay - there's the rub!


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