Tuesday, August 30, 2011



now I need to take my own advise

Fact #1 we make a HUGE bowl of salad every few days

Fact #2 I eat TONS of this salad, I eat at least one bowl of it every day, plus I put the salad on my turkey wraps

Fact#3 I have been struggling… gaining … yeah let’s not bring up the cookie feast on Sunday … please let’s stick to my story Smile with tongue out 

so my daughter comes home from the gym last night, she told her trainer she has been gaining and couldn’t figure out why so in the conversation our salads come up, he tells he to slow down on the garbanzo’s and soy beans… yeah they have protein BUT they make you retain water and have a lot of calories … HUH? Confused smile

I do the math from the labels this morning : photo evidence 2011-08-30 04.08.32

what the heck!!!!

21 points I have been adding to our salad, which we scarf down in usually 3-4 days time…

okay math time again Nerd smile

that’s 18-20 extra points a week I have been eating!!! and not counting


moral of the story: read your labels KARLA!!!

see ya tonight friends


  1. Red the labels and cook at home - they put extra sweetie treats in stuff when you eat out - even coffee....
    I asked for Splenda at Starbucks. They gave me Splenda (so they say) but also Full Sugar Hazelnut syrup. No wonder it was the best coffee I'd tasted!
    I was already tempted after my Cinnamon Roll feast. Ah, yes!
    No one can do it for us.
    At least we are not alone!

  2. Soy is not good for the boobies either.. In the defense of the beans,,ever see anyone get fat from too much veggies ???

  3. Soy is awful for the thyroid and other stuff. They love to tout the cholesterol benefits, but you dont' hear them blaring the anti-health effects. And for men, eat enough and become less "manly'. hah.

    Anyway, I try to avoid soy these days in all forms, with some rare exceptions, cause I get lazy and am not perfect. I used to adore tofu, but even that I dont' have.

    Well..glad you found what was causing you issues.

  4. I've made the mistake of thinking the stats were for one serving and found out it was for only 1/2 the serving :(
    I eat soy in moderation, same with the beans! Your doing great Karla.


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