Saturday, August 6, 2011

Saturday 8/6/11


2011-08-06 06.20.352011-08-06 08.41.312011-08-06 08.41.522011-08-06 12.11.592011-08-06 16.36.382011-08-06 16.37.202011-08-06 17.13.16note to self… do not drink a mega large iced Coffee Bean coffee at 4PM and expect to get a good nights sleep… my butts been draggin ALL day!!

here be my eats for da day

The shake is chocolate with a scoop of the PB2 and blended with some ice… soo good

boot camp again this morning, fun fun Open-mouthed smile I joined the gym Open-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smileOpen-mouthed smile

egg white omelet with mushroom, onions and spinach… why do egg whites look so yellow when you get them in the restaurant?  I only ate half of the oatmeal… the picture makes it look weirdly yellow…. it wasn’t

Fage 0% yogurt with cinnamon, splenda and a cap full of SF vanilla syrup

I baked asparagus and mushrooms with every intention of making a Fritatta, …. I will do it tomorrow. I also ate half the pan of asparagus and mushrooms

dinner was the salad

time to chill, and read and get a good nights sleep tonight

see ya tomorrow blogger buds


  1. I love omelets and that one looks so delish! I've only had plain yogurt once and did not like it. It was thick and even with splenda it was still too tangy. I like the sounds of your concoction though and should maybe give it another try.

  2. Mmmm roasted asparagus and mushrooms look to die for!! And oooh, what are you reading?


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