Friday, August 5, 2011

Something’s been bothering me


We went to San Diego for a few days and at the pool a woman struck up a conversation with me. Conversation turned to bathing suits, she was wearing a small two piece and she was a larger lady, she said something about me wearing a tankini… I told her I had lost a large amount of weight and conversation went on from there, she asked the question

“Do you even enjoy food anymore?”

huh? (scratching my head ) 

this has been on my mind for the last few days. Why would she assume I eat food I do not enjoy? Look at my food for today 2011-08-05 08.33.142011-08-05 09.41.472011-08-05 10.30.222011-08-05 13.23.512011-08-05 13.45.442011-08-05 17.21.41

I am sorry to be obnoxious, but I eat some kick ass good food!!! I have been thinking about this comment the last few days though and have been reflecting when I would stop and buy 3 chocolate iced, chocolate cake donuts and a large coffee, with all the cream and sugar and that was a “snack” I would eat on my way to work… did I enjoy those donuts? I was always looking around like the food police were going to catch me eating and report me to my family…. yeah right Karla!!!

or when I would buy those large packs of peanuts and dump them in my pockets so no one could keep track of how many I was actually eating, did I enjoy my food then? NO!!!

I don’t have to hide my eating any more so now I enjoy my food more

I understand her comment was from ignorance in that she assumed I have deprived myself to lose weight….

Look at my entries…. I ate friggin frozen yogurt almost every day for a year!!! no depriving going on here!!

again, I understand….. because I spent so so so so many years obese, sure that “you thin people” had some magic secret to the universe…

silly huh?

I eat delicious food every day, and I enjoy the heck out of it!! as should you!

whew, do I feel better!~ Smile 

see ya tomorrow blogger buddies


  1. Your food choices look absolutely delish! No deprivation there! I also have to agree with you about not really enjoying the "snacking" because of the guilt of knowing I wasn't making healthful choices. Great topic!

  2. Your food pictures always look amazing! You make me realize that there are so many delicious and healthy food options once I am done with my medifast journey! It is frustrating when someone who hasn't had to fight to be small doesn't understand!

  3. I love what I eat. Sometimes not every single meal, but I try to make sure I eat stuff I really like so that I feel satisfied in more ways than just hunger. I think the only way to sustain a large (or small) weight loss is to find ways to make meals flavorful, enjoyable, and suited to one's individual desires, without being unhealthy or excessive. Life can be long. One's gotta ENJOY one's food. :D

  4. That was an interesting conversation. If I could not eat food that I liked and enjoyed, I would be miserable indeed. I eat good, tasty food every day. The longer I eat healthy, the less I enjoy the other stuff when I do decide to indulge.


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