Monday, August 15, 2011

Start to finish

so this is where I started this morning, I pulled out way too much!!!

2011-08-15 04.45.13

this is what I decided on

2011-08-15 05.01.44

salad with balsamic

baked vegetables with cottage

SF jello salad with cottage, pineapple and apple

3 ounces of tuna

a shake

Trader Joes egg white salad

2011-08-15 05.14.34

.Breakfast egg whites and salsa and a quarter cup (dry measure) oatmeal

2011-08-15 10.43.22

morning staff meeting and I was good among all the donuts and cookies and pastries. I had a banana

see ya tomorrow blogger buds Winking smile


  1. Good job at resisting all of those sweets- that would have been really hard for me!


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