Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Todays eats


Here I sit at my computer spying on the birds, hubby says I feed them too much, but I so enjoy watching them eat… sometimes they look through the window at me and chirp and wiggle; it’s like they know I am watching …. watching the birds, listening to Pandora radio and blogging, ahhh relaxation Smile 2011-08-03 17.52.05


this morning 4 egg whites and half a cup (dry measure) of oatmeal… aka “the usual” 2011-08-03 07.16.48


2011-08-03 08.49.44

went to the mall with DD and I couldn’t believe this!!! I wonder if folks have stopped eating this sort of thing since the calories got posted, crazy and NO I did NOT eat this!!! 2011-08-03 10.14.23

instead I made a turkey wrap when we got home, it has broccoli slaw and a cucumber in it with a wedge of Laughing cow cheese and some mustard 2011-08-03 13.03.18

off to the grocery stores…. ah 4 different ones!! came home ready to cook and had some Fage 0% with some Splenda, cinnamon and a cap of SF vanilla syrup 2011-08-03 15.24.29

I made salad, cut up some watermelon and honeydew (ahh err, well maybe I did have a few pieces of watermelon… so freakin good!!!) made tuna, hard boiled some eggs, steamed green beans, I have chicken breasts in baking and I marinated some tofu

2011-08-03 16.23.332011-08-03 16.23.47

I got some dog toys when I was out and about, Molly can’t choose which one she loves more Smile 2011-08-03 16.32.03

and finally salad for dinner2011-08-03 17.27.58

I restocked the house with healthy foods, tomorrow is hair day… gotta wash away that grey Winking smile

see ya tomorrow blogger buddies


  1. That salad looks soooo good.

    I'm sure those are some happy little birds :)

  2. Geez! 660 cals in a mini-coconut cake. Good Lord. Isn't it amazing when we see what is REALLY in the food we eat (or, in your case, don't eat...awesome job, btw!). Not to mention that the mini-coco cake was, like, $4. Big rip off! You pay a lot of money for a second of gratification only to have those $4 make ya fat. Yikes, America! Right?!

    P.S. I love your food I've mentioned a million times before. I love that you use tofu. You make this vegetarian over here in PA happy and proud. :)


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